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Installation / 2014

The Universe knows no limits, it is glorious and enigmatic. Perhaps, our consciousness is the toehold and our imagination is the engine. We define the frameworks ourselves by shaping images, but in this world, there is a place for everything, and the most unexpected things happen. We are launching dreams into orbit, they are evolving and eventually materializing. All is possible, the question is inside of our frameworks, you always should remember that the universe has no borders. Even the planets that it consists of, are so small but have such significance, they are entire worlds.

Plenty of planets were found in the universe, they are reflecting planets of our inner world. They interact with our perception, this action begins at the subconscious  level. 



The planets and stars are a response to us from the universe, they are the fruit of our communication. At the same time,they are fully valuable objects with a strong energy and opportunity to reflect emotions and actions. All planets are unique and at the same time related, each form is an outcome of different emotions and actions. In this way, a new world develops, a world of interactions between us and the universe.


Liquid Planets are a consequence of our relationship with the universe, an exchange of energy. We send our dreams, ideas, and beliefs to space. All this materializes in “Planets of Consciousness". As a result, we get a response from the Universe in the form of Liquid Planets that are returning to the Earth, to us.

This project graphically provides more information about the sculpture “Liquid planets". The drawings explore more closely some of the segments, processes, elements, movements and connections of the greater object. These drawings are a meditation, working on a deeper understanding of the project's idea, and development of connections between planets.​

Different stages of Liquid planets: “Formation,” “Liquid Planets”, “Gravity,” “Landing,” “Fusion,” “Casting”, “Shooting Stars of Opal.”

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