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I’M / Inhalable Matter

2018 - 2020

Team: Katya Bryskina, Nataly Khadziakova and Aleksandar Khadziakova

This investigation is focused on a shift between an anthropocentric approach and a system where air, greenery, mycelium, technologies and humans are equal participants in the environment. Multiple networks function simultaneously and adjust to each other to evolve together.

It is an experimental study and a desire to discover a set of rules that must be defined to develop new symbiotic landscapes and spaces. The movement of water inside the tree trunk compared to the movement of a walking person, spreading of mycelium network under his feet or constantly changing wind breath - how all of this is connected through the notion of time as a part of the city infrastructure? Which kind of bio-hybrid and synthetic systems has to be interwoven to respond to current and future planet’s needs?

Project “I’M/Inhalable Matter” is a decentralised “living organism” that integrates into existing spaces to form new environments. I’M supervises inhabitants and visitors with true nature experience and optimal climatic balance. It is a synthesis of different technologies and can be a critical revision (update) for existing spaces that could be added to the dense cities as an additional multifunctional layer or new spatial environment. It reintroduces Nature in a compassionate way where the true nature principles merge with human requirements to re-engage both sides.


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