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Installation / 2008
Unreal friend lake / Installation / Katya Bryskina

Unreal Friend Lake is an object from the future that will become a new step of friendship between humans and complex geometrical shapes in the Universe. Lake is made of fluorescent latex and has an organic shape that is full of liquid and air. When you take one of the limbs all water goes to the other side of the shape and enlarges it. During this action the sound of moving water can be heard. When you touch this object you can feel a natural movement and can see a transformation of the object that it is interesting to observe.


When this object was presented for the first time it was amazing to see how children and adults reacted to it. Even though it was forbidden to touch it, they were unable to keep from reaching for it and playing with it. The public gave the impression that they were engaging with a living organism. The properties of water and flexible latex material respond easily to any form of contact; Lake comes to life when people start to interact with it, giving the art piece an emotional attribute. ​

Latex, water, sound, photography

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