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Strelka Institute, 2018-2019

The form-finding robotic fabrication workshop from biocomposites during the conference "Future Architect", Strelka Institute (Moscow, RU). During the workshop participants experimented with parametric robot control using Grasshopper and Rhino, preparing and shaping hemp-based composite. 4-8.09.2019


The milling robotic workshop during the In the City conference organised in St. Petersburg by Strelka Institute (Moscow, RU). During the workshop and public lectures, they presented current research and discussed new possibilities of using robotic fabrication in architecture. Participants developed architectural elements using parametric tools and fabricated them using industrial robots and milling technique. 30.11-1.12.2018

Teaching team: Katya Bryskina, Vladislav Ben-Bulatov.

Technical team: Dmitry Masaidov, Maksim Silenkov

Supported by Kuka Robotics Russia

Photo Liudmila Savelieva

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