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Dynamic square / Competition / Ongoing research
LLand / sustanable design / katya bryskina

LLand was developed as part of Lanzarote dynamic square competition and currently is ongoing research.  LLand proposal is a multifunctional structure that consists of exhibition and workshop spaces, a cafe and vertical gardening. Its design is inspired by Lanzarote’s white architecture surrounded by the volcanic environment. The colours, structure and shape of the proposal resemble the volcanoes and caves of Lanzarote, while the structural element is chosen - Cairo Pentagon reminds of lava cracks.

Three types represent the Pentagon unit with different functionality, aggregated in a self-supporting structure. Structural logic provides variable density, geometrical flexibility and easy to design and assemble.


In collaboration with  Alexander Hadzyakou and Natalia Nemkova 

sustainable architecter; parametric design; digital fabrication


Gallery space

Workshop space


Dry fountain 


Sustainable design
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