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Advanced mycelium-based materials 
Lium Labs / mycelium-based materials

Currently, we are working on a project that is seeking to develop IP associated with techniques for high volume manufacturing of advanced mycelium-based materials. Mycelium is the root like fibrous material. It’s composed mostly  of  Chitin  an   ultra-tough  strong  structural  polymer


found in the exoskeletons of crustaceans insects and the shells of molluscs. These materials  have  tunable  properties

in terms of structural performance and design features that can be controlled by using different mushroom strains and substrates from agricultural wastes.

Lium Labs / Mycelium-based materials
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As part of this project, we developed a proposal of a pavilion in Mexico City in collaboration with Claudio Nieto, as a way to inspire architects and designers and highlight the specific advantages tied to the manufacturing approach we are developing.

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