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LIFORM: Living Megastructures

Installation and process design, 2017-current


LIFORM is an ongoing investigation on ‘interspecies collaboration’ for the generation of soft megastructures, or how the collaboration between humans and bio-organisms can change our world. LIFORM is a curated process that aims to grow new types of complex morphologies using mycelium and weaving techniques. Designed ecosystems are the starting point for living megastructures. The current experiment aims to create an ecosystem, a living harmony, by generating a suitable growth environment inside an incubator. The object of art, in this case, is the incubator itself, the ecosystem inside it and the structure formation process.

The project is presented in two distinct stages: The Dark and Final Phases. The Dark Phase is the active process of growth and formation. When objects grow, they smell nice, like a true forest, and recreate a natural environment (experience). Every visitor can interact with the form and embed their presence in the organism’s memory by altering the light it receives. In the Final Phase, the organism is dried to stop the growing process and solidify forms.


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