Conferences, lectures & workshops:


2019 - Speaker at the panel "What Kind of Future Architect Are You?" Future Architect Conference, organised by STRELKA Institute

2019 - Workshop "Robotic fabrication from Biocomposites", Future Architect Conference, organised by STRELKA Institute

2019 - Lecture "Natural General Intelligence" with Monogroup at Minsk Design Week 


2018 - Speaker&workshop "In the city", Strelka Institute & Gazprom. Workshop: "Parametric design and robotic fabrication"   

2018 - Lecture, House of Scientists

2018 - Lecture, Faculty of Economics, Moscow State University

2018 - Lecture,  Art Belarus Gallery

2018 - Speaker&workshop at the “Future in the city”, Moscow City. Workshop: " How new technologies can improve urban infrastructure?"


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Advanced Mycelium-based materials 


Architecture and Computational Consultancy 



Scenario-based simulation software 



Katya Bryskina is an architect, an artist and a researcher. She holds a Master in Emergent Technology and Design from the Architectural Association School of Architecture (London, U.K.) and she participated in “The New Normal” think-tank at Strelka Institute (Moscow, Russia).


She has a strong interest in the point where architecture, emergent technologies and art meet. She worked on design projects, new construction methods in parallel with material research, robotics and artificial intelligence for architectural and art applications. Furthermore, throughout her career she has worked on art projects that are strongly engaged with architectural and design work and exhibits frequently in Russia and Europe.











Selected exhibitions:   

2019 - Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture

2019 - NOVA ART Contest "This is the Beginning," or Virtual Genius at New Holland Island

2019 - Minsk Design Week

2018 - Showcase, Strelka Institute

2016 - Project Review Exhibition, Architectural Association

2015 - The 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Moscow Museum of Modern Art

2014 - Hey Jude, MakerLabs


2013 – “Forma”, The Third Festival of Contemporary Art, Artplay


2013 – “Art Space Event”, Gogol-Center


2013 – The exhibition "Analysis of Research", Moscow Museum of Modern Art


2013 – “New Sankt Petersburg”, NIEUW DAKOTA


2013 - “Festival Forma”, Krasnay Presnya Park


2012 - “FORMS Lab.” Gallery ART re.Flex


2012 - “Rejected Reality”, Moscow museum of modern art in Artplay


2012 - “Elastic Arts,” The Museum and Galleries of Contemporary Art Erata” 


2012 - “Experience”, Nevskii 8


2010- "LAKE,  LAVA, DROPS", in association with creative studio Rare 3


2008 - "Art parade" festival, Loft Project "Etaji"


2008 - “Errorism vol.1”





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