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Interior design / Cinema City Rishon Lezion / 2014
Interior design / Ice watch / Israel

Ice Watch is a famous brand that was founded in 2007 in Belgium. They have multiple locations, as well as distribute products to other companies all over Israel and for this location they wanted to create a conceptual retail space. The retail space is situated in front of the entrance to the shopping mall’s main attraction, a mega movie theatre, in order   to   maximize   customer   foot traffic.   The  main  plan

represents the mechanics of a clock. Each circular display and countertop resembles a part of the mechanism in the working system. The floor is a PVC platform raised 2 cm in order to allow all the electrical wiring to be hidden beneath. The idea was to create an exciting presentation space that will represent the colorful style of the brand.

Skaner Architects


Interior design; Ice watch
Interior Design; Ice watch
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