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 The Smolnay Embankment of the Neva River / Saint-Petersburg/Russia / 2010-2011

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This plot has high cultural value due to it is a location close to downtown, many sights, and strong stream of tourists and local people. The multilevel complex consists of a contemporary museum, shopping mall, marina, transport terminals, big park and embankment. The natural landscape had a strong influence on the project planning. In addition, the municipal height regulations dictated the height of the complex, in order to maintain the view of the city and not to block the sightline to the Smolnay Cathedral. There is heavy traffic in this area that is made even more problematic by the Orlovskii  tunnel, which  feeds  more  traffic  directly  into   the

planned area. For this reason, the ground level was designated  as  a  pedestrian  zone, and  lower  levels  containunderground interchanges that were planned for high-speed roads, along with public transport terminals and developing boat transportation. Due to the largeness and expense of the area, it was important to consider not only how the public will use the complex, but also how it can improve the traffic, parking and economic situation. 


Professor: Boris Ustinov 

In collaboration with  Karina Rafaelyan and Natalia Vladykina

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